About us

Our strengths:

  • We have been using the TWI program since 2007
  • We are certified by Polish Society of TWI Practitioners
  • We have given advice in the field of the TWI program to more than 150 manufacturing and service companies
  • We conduct scientific research in the area of the TWI program
  • We are the authors of several articles and a book about the TWI program
  • We were the first to use the TWI program in order to standardize SMED, TPM – AM, PM and the 5S system
  • We are experts in the application of the TWI program in an office environment
  • We also use the TWI program in our private life

For us, Lean Management and the TWI program are integrated. We also specialize in Lean consulting.

Our Mission and Vision

Nasza misja i wizja

Our mission is to spread the TWI program worldwide. For this purpose we popularize this program by writing dozens of articles, publishing books and performing at numerous conferences. We believe that the TWI program is the missing link in the effective implementation of Lean Management philosophy.

Our vision is that companies will be able to independently and effectively implement the TWI program without the need for external support. Therefore, in addition to the certified program of the development of TWI Instructors and TWI Trainers (Coaches and Coordinators), we have created a worldwide innovative computer system that supports the maintenance of the TWI program without the need of involving consultants.

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