Original TWI materials from WWII



In the USA, during World War II, the trainers of the Training Within Industry used specially developed manuals to train experienced employees and foremen. These were TWI materials for coaches. The aim was to standardize the transfer of knowledge. The textbooks were a scenario for the entire practical workshop. The trainer had written in them how to train participants step by step in 3 methods of the TWI program:

TWI Job Instruction
TWI Job Methods
TWI Job Relations
During the implementation of the TWI program, additional methods were added, such as: Occupational Safety and Relations with Trade Unions. TWI materials were created by the best American scientists and practitioners, including William Edwards Deming, the creator of the PDCA cycle. Each of the methods of the TWI program was based on this cycle.
The learning-by-doing principle prevailed at the TWI workshops. To this day, this principle is valid in the TWI program. Each of the participants in the workshop not only had to get acquainted with the theory, but also had to prepare a project for each of the three methods. The workshops lasted for 2 hours for 5 days in a row. TWI consultants in LeanTrix were trained by the American TWI Institute according to the original TWI program.
TWI materials for trainers after World War II were provided free of charge to humanity, therefore it is possible to download them today in their original form. Below, we give you access to download TWI materials for trainers for free and start implementing this program in your company from today!

Historical instruction in accordance with the TWI method