In your company…?

  • Do experienced staff, leaders and managers possess extensive knowledge about work, but lack managerial skills?
  • Is all practical knowledge about work (facilitations, tricks) only in the minds of experienced employees (operators, leaders)?
  • Does every experienced employee (operator, leader) train according to his own method?
  • Does on-the-job training last a long time and despite this, is it still inefficient?
Problemy bez programu TWI
  • Does a newly trained employee not work consciously - does he not know why he performs work in a certain way?
  • Do instructions not reflect the real way of performing work?
  • Are experienced staff, leaders and managers not able to carry out analysis of improvement (kaizen)?
  • Is there a high turnover of employees and are there temporarily employed workers?
  • Are there a large number of corrections and quality errors?
Program Training WIthin Industry pomaga rozwiązać problemy

Standardization of work according to the Training Within Industry program will help:

  • Develop the managerial competences of your experienced employees, leaders and managers.
  • Possess the best methods from your employees and write them down on clear instructions.
  • Train instructors who will then train employees in a repeatable manner according to the most effective method due to the learning curve.
  • Train company trainers who will then take on the role of teachers and mentors (Jap. Sensei)
  • Develop your employees so that kaizen improvement is their daily element of work.
  • Improve all key performance indicators (KPIs) in your company.

Not so fast … The following problems can occur:

  • A high cost of training employees associated with the involvement of external companies.
  • Every experienced employee, leader, master or manager in a company must possess knowledge in the area of the Training Within Industry program.
  • The requirement to transfer the responsibility of creating Standardized Work Instructions from the Method Department to operational employees. They carry out work and should therefore create work standards. Engineering staff should be responsible for the verification of standards.
  • The change of all instructions in a company to standardized work instructions takes a long time. It is especially the case when they are prepared in traditional inadequate publishing software.
  • The need to hire an implementation coordinator - an expert in the field of the Training Within Industry program.
Trudności we wdrażaniu programu Training WIthin Industry
LeanTrix prowadzi Twoją firmę we wdrożeniu programu Training WIthin Industry

The LeanTrix system will support your company in the implementation of the Training Within Industry program with:

  • An intuitive module to create Standardized Work Instructions enriched with 41 rules of conduct. As a result, instructions will be prepared correctly for the first time and the time of their preparation will shorten by an average of 80%.
  • A defined process of managing employee competences during the implementation of the Training Within Industry program based on the Lean HR concept.
  • An innovative module to create Kaizen and Poka Yoke improvement forms based on previously prepared Standardized Work Instructions.
  • Knowledge base that will guide your employees through the process of acquiring skills in the area of the Training Within Industry program.
  • A developed Train-The-Trainers program, due to which your employees will be able to individually carry out a practical workshop on standardization of work according to the Training Within Industry program.
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