Conference Regulations


Conference Regulations – 1st Lean TWI Summit


1.1. This document is the basis for participation in events organized by Leantrix Sp. z o.o., registered in Wrocław.

1.2. Unless otherwise stated by the Regulations, the following definitions shall have assigned meanings:

1.3. Price List – the current table of fees for participation in the Conference, available on the website

1.4. Business Days – days from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays recognized as non-working days;

1.5. Registration Form – an online document available at, enabling registration for the Conference;

1.6. Conference – an event conducted by the Organizer, subject to registration; more information, including conference dates, can be found at

1.7. Organizer – Leantrix sp. z o.o., located in Wrocław at ul. Robotnicza 42A, 53-608 Wrocław, VAT ID: 8992764040, REGON: 361010125, KRS: 0000547982

1.8. Regulations – this document;

1.9. Registration – the process of signing up for the Conference;

1.10. Participant – a natural person who registers for the Conference;

1.11. Client – a natural person, legal person, or organizational unit without legal personality, which has made a Registration;

1.12. Consumer – a natural person concluding an electronic service agreement, whose legal actions are not directly related to their business or professional activities.

1.13. Registering for the Conference implies acceptance of the terms of the Regulations, including the obligation to pay according to the rates in the Price List.

1.14. Notification of participation in the Conference means acceptance of the Regulations by the Participant.


2.1. To participate in the Conference, registration must be made through the online form available on the website and the fee paid within seven days from the date of registration.

2.2. The website contains all relevant information about the Conference, including the date, venue, list of speakers, and participation prices.

2.3. The agreement under the terms specified in the Registration Form, Price List, and Regulations is considered concluded at the moment when the Organizer receives the completed Registration Form or receives an order via email.

2.4. Upon receiving the Registration Form or email, the Organizer responds by sending a proforma invoice, which contains all the details necessary to make the payment for participation in the Conference. Normally, the VAT invoice is sent to the Client after receiving the payment, unless the Client expresses a wish to receive an invoice for immediate payment.

2.5. The number of places at the Conference is limited and assigned according to the order of applications and the receipt of payment into the Organizer’s account.

2.6. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration without giving any reason, under special circumstances.

2.7. Sending a registration for the Conference implies the Participant’s consent to the collection and processing of personal data by the Organizer for promotional and marketing purposes, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended). According to this act, the Participant has the right to access their data and modify it. Providing personal data by the Participant is entirely voluntary.


3.1. The Price List specifies the amount due for single-person participation in the Conference.

3.2. Sending the Registration Form to the Organizer is equivalent to consenting to receive VAT and proforma invoices electronically to the email address provided in the form. The VAT invoice is sent to the Client’s email after the payment for participation in the Conference has been made.

3.3. The participation fee for consultants is 50% higher than the standard rates specified in the price list.

3.4. If, after making the payment, it turns out that participation is impossible due to a lack of places, the Organizer terminates the Agreement and immediately returns the entire amount paid by the Client as compensation for the unfulfilled Registration.

3.5. If the Client, who has not withdrawn from the Agreement, fails to make the payment, they remain obliged to settle the full amount, regardless of whether the Participant actually took part in the Conference.

3.6. Filing a complaint by the Client does not exempt them from the obligation to pay the participation fee.



4.1. To withdraw from participation in the conference, the participant must inform the organizers in writing by email ([email protected]) no later than 30 days before the event starts.

4.2. In case of cancellation of participation from 30 to 14 days before the conference, the Organizer reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of 50% of the participation cost.

4.3. Withdrawal from participation less than 14 days before the event does not entitle to a refund of participation costs.

4.4. The client, being a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the conference participation agreement within 14 days from the date of registration. However, this right does not apply if the conference took place during this period, in accordance with Art. 38 point 1 of the Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 287).

4.5. The declaration of withdrawal from the agreement must be sent by the client to the organizer’s email address: [email protected] before the expiration of the aforementioned 14-day period.

4.6. In case of conference cancellation due to reasons on the Organizer’s part, all clients, including consumers, will be refunded the full amount paid for participation.


5.1. The Organizer is not responsible for changes in the Conference agenda caused by force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances independent of the Organizer.

5.2. The Organizer is not responsible for partial or complete non-performance of obligations under the Agreement if it is the result of force majeure. Force majeure should be understood as unpredictable external events such as wars, fires, epidemics, floods, mass communication disruptions, social riots, or building disasters, as well as interruptions in media supplies. Direct threat of such phenomena also constitutes force majeure.

5.3. In case of impossibility of performance by the Organizer according to Art. 475 of the Civil Code (CC) or Art. 495 CC, the application of these provisions is excluded to the extent of impossibility of performance. The Organizer may within 14 days from the occurrence of impossibility choose to withdraw from the Agreement or set a new date for performance. Lack of decision within this period results in full application of Art. 475 CC or Art. 495 CC. If performance is impossible for the same reasons at the new date, Art. 475 CC or Art. 495 CC applies.

5.4. The Participant and Client are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Regulations and comply with them.

5.5. The Client, who appoints persons to participate in the Conference, is obliged to inform them about the content of the Regulations and their rights and obligations arising from participation in the Conference. The Client is responsible for the actions of the indicated Participants.

5.6. All conference materials, including publications, presentations, and recordings, are the intellectual property of the Organizer, and their distribution requires the Organizer’s written consent.

5.7. The Organizer has the right to remove from the Conference persons (including Participants) who behave inappropriately, use offensive language, disrupt the course of the Conference, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or otherwise disturb other Participants, without refunding the participation costs.


6.1. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Conference program, including changes to speakers, topics, and lecture times, if necessary due to objective circumstances or independent of the Organizer. These changes do not entitle the Client to demand a refund.

6.2. The Organizer will inform Clients and Participants of any changes in the Conference program mentioned in point 6.1 through announcements published on the official Conference website at and by email.

6.3. The Organizer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement (cancel the Conference) up to the day of its commencement.

6.4. In case of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Organizer will notify the Client of this fact by email, using the address provided in the Registration Form or the email address from which the order was placed.

6.5. If the Organizer withdraws from the Agreement, it will refund the participation fee to the bank account from which the payment was made, within 30 business days from the day of the declaration of withdrawal. For Consumers, the refund will be carried out in accordance with the terms provided by law.


7.1. The Client has the option to submit complaints electronically by sending a message to the email address: [email protected].

7.2. Complaints should be sent no later than 14 days after the Conference ends. In case of traditional mail complaints, the date of the postmark determines the timeliness.

7.3. The complaint submission should include at least:

  1. a) Client’s identifying data: first and last name or company name, correspondence address, email address, and phone number,
  2. b) description of the subject of the complaint,
  3. c) description of the circumstances justifying the complaint.

7.4. The Organizer commits to consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt.


8.1. W kwestiach nieuregulowanych niniejszym Regulaminem mają zastosowanie odpowiednie przepisy prawa polskiego.

8.2. Wszelkie spory wynikające z Umowy będą rozstrzygane przez sąd właściwy dla miejsca

8.1. In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply.

8.2. Any disputes arising from the Agreement will be settled by the court competent for the Organizer’s seat. This provision does not apply to Participants and Clients who are Consumers.

8.3. The Organizer has the right to make changes to the Regulations. Agreements concluded before the change of the Regulations by the Organizer are executed according to its wording in force at the time of their conclusion, unless the Client consents to the application of the new version of the Regulations to the Agreement.