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Training WIthin Industry at Autoliv – case study

by Dr inż. Bartosz Misiurek on 08/05/0206

Read a case study of implementing TWI Program in Autoliv Company. The article was written by Dr. Bartosz Misiurek (CEO at Leantrix) and Iwona Diug (Production Supervisor at Autoliv).

Link to article:

Introduction to the article from Michael Sinocchi (Lean Insider):

For this latest blog entry, I’m turning over the reins to Bartosz Misiurek, author of Standardized Work with TWI: Eliminating Human Errors in Production and Service Processes, and Iwona Diug who present a great case study of  Training Within Industry (TWI) implementation at Autoliv Poland. It provides some very interesting insight on just how this automotive supplier drastically improved quality and safety after the success of this program.

Dr inż. Bartosz MisiurekTraining WIthin Industry at Autoliv – case study