TWI Job Instructions

Effective system of on-the-job training


What is TWI Job Instructions?

TWI Job Instructions loyees allows to build and maintain an effective system of employee training. The aim of TWI JOB INSTRUCTIONS is to train the skills of creating instructions and instructing employees, which translates into increased productivity, reduction of accidents, reduction of shortages, increased work awareness and reduction of employee turnover.

TWI Job Instructions focuses on the development of key skills among superiors and experienced employees, it is also a key element in stabilizing and standardizing processes in your organization

Benefits of TWI Job Instructions

  • Increase in productivity and quality
  • Reducing the number of accidents
  • Shortening the time needed to bring an employee to full fitness
  • Increasing job awareness
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Building the ability to work in various positions (polyvalence) by employees


Ability to create work standards (TWI WORK Instructions)
Ability to instruct employees according to the TWI method
Understanding and managing SKILLS MATRIX
Ability to manage the process of implementing and maintaining changes.

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What does the cooperation look like?



Assessment of the current state, Determining the area of activities of the first team, establishing KPIs, Building a communication strategy, Introductory meetings for the management staf


Pratical workshops

Practical workshops directly on the processes of your organization. Cooperation and coaching for the implementation team. Constant communication and problem solving.


Adjustment and certification

Analysis and evaluation of activities so far. Adaptation to the specifics of the organization. Certificate of TWI instructors and trainers


Continuation of activities and continuous improvement

Support for teams. Review meetings. Verifying audits.

Forms of cooperation

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  • Create and manage documentation are provided
  • Competence Matrices
  • Improving work

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