Practical TWI Workshops

3 practical workshops - 990 USD per workshop

Description of the practical TWI Workshops

  • Language of the workshops: English
  • 8 workshop hours (4 sessions of 2 hours) with the possibility of dividing them into separate days
  • The workshops are intended for groups of up to 16 people
  • Work in online groups in shared rooms
  • Work on examples from the company
  • Electronic certificates for each participant
  • Possibility of individual online consultation included in the price



TWI Job Instruction
Organizations can only grow as much as their employees develop. This is why we support the development of leaders in our clients’ companies, so that they can benefit from their higher competences.

TWI Job Instruction – Featured benefits

  • Increased work efficiency on workstations
  • Shorter implementation of employees to work
  • Improvement of the quality of manufactured products
  • Reduction of production waste
  • Improvement of work safety
  • Increased employee awareness

Why TWI JI method?

  • 3% – Average improvement of productivity
  • 2% – Average reduction of deficiencies
  • 81% – Average reduction of complaints
  • 40% – Average reduction of time of implementing an employee
  • 23% – Average reduction of changeover time

Learning the principles of creating labour standards according to TWI JI:

  • Development of Standardized Work Instructions for selected operations in the pilot area
  • Training soft skills of running trainings according to TWI Job Instruction
  • Practicing the Job Instruction method in a real working conditions
  • Practicing the skill matrix

For who?

  • Middle and lower management (leaders, foremen, masters, area managers)
  • Specialists of Lean, HSE, Quality; process engineers
  • Senior management staff, production managers

Practical workshops conducted on real processes in the company.

Some facts:

  • 205 – The number of companies we have supported with TWI
  • 438 – The number of implementation projects
  • 156 – The number of certified TWI Trainers
  • 627 – The number of certified TWI Instructors
  • 5200 – The number of verified TWI Instructions

TWI Job Methods
Identification and elimination of waste are skills that we develop among employees. Thanks to this, plants are able to reduce costs, increase efficiency and facilitate work on workstations.

Featured benefits

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Reduced production waste
  • Improved quality of products
  • Shortened production cycles
  • Improved work safety and ergonomics
  • Increased employees’ awareness of continuous improvement

Workshop goals

  • Developing practical skills of performing improvement analysis according to the 5W1H method
  • Gaining knowledge about the improvement of processes according to the TWI JM method
  • Developing the skills of creating solutions that improve processes
  • Gaining knowledge about which improvements should be chosen first during implementation
  • Gaining knowledge in the field of maintaining changes after the implementation of a new method.

For who?

  • Middle and lower management (leaders, foremen, masters, area managers)
  • Specialists of Lean, HSE, Quality; process engineers

Practical workshops conducted on the real processes in the company.

TWI Job Relations
The ability to establish and maintain good relations between a superior and his employees determines the employee’s level of functioning in every area. An employee’s loyalty (“whether” and “how long” he wants to work) and his commitment to work, changes, learning and improvement depends mainly on the level of relations with his direct superior. The situation is complicated by the fact that often the most important criteria that are taken into account when being promoted to managerial positions are the “hard” aspects, i.e. results and substantive knowledge, while excluding the so-called “soft” aspects that are key in managing people. The TWI Job Relations method meets this goal – it develops the necessary skills of each superior to create good interpersonal relationships and gives effective tools to solve problems that appear in such relationships.

Featured benefits

  • practical skills of building and maintaining relationships, as well as engaging employees in changing, developing, improving, and achieving results.
  • practical skills of superiors: solving problems and conflicts
  • increased satisfaction from work and employee involvement
  • decreased turnover
  • improved financial and quality results
  • change in organizational culture

Workshop goals

  • Understanding what the relationships with a superior are and how they affect employee engagement, development, creativity and health, as well as what influence they have on team performance
  • Principles of good relations according to TWI JR
  • Individual diagnosis of the level of relations with employees (questionnaire) and the preparation of an improvement or maintenance plan
  • Getting to know effective methods and tools for engaging employees and implementing changes
  • Learning and training methods of solving problems according to TWI JR

For who?

  • Medium and lower management staff
  • Senior management staff, production managers
  • HR department employees

Practical workshops based on case studies reported by participants, role play, interactive lectures, focus discussion

Price per TWI Workshop:
990 USD

Contact person:
Kamil Müller
Lean TWI Consultant
[email protected]
phone: 509 225 569

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