How does the e-TWI System system work?

The e-TWI System supports the implementation and maintenance of standardization of work in any enterprise, according to the Training Within Industry (TWI) program. This system supports the development of the skills of employees involved in TWI by providing them with such functionalities as: instruction and training videos, a comprehensive knowledge base and also tests that verify the level of understanding of the program. In the area of TWI maintenance, the LeanTrix system offers a module to create Standardized Work Instructions and also a module of kaizen improvement. The whole verification process of creating Standardized Work Instructions is implemented in the LeanTrix system.

If you want to implement the TWI program in your company, the e-TWI System will be a very helpful tool for you!

Implementation of the TWI program using the LeanTrix system runs on the basis of the Lean HR concept, where the building of engagement of employees and their development is the most important. The main objective is to eliminate the eighth type of waste: the loss of peoples’ creativity. This waste arises when changes in a company are managed inadequately. The proceedings, according to the Lean HR concept, are based on the assumption that success of an individual employee is the success of a whole company. It is a requirement when implementing the TWI program, in which the development of each employee and the cultivation of their individuality is key.


“It is important for the common good to foster individuality: for only the individual can produce the new ideas which the community needs for its continuous improvement and requirements—indeed, to avoid sterility and petrification.”

Albert Einstein

The e-TWI System, as with standardization of work according to the TWI program, is for all companies where processes and people occur, and not only for manufacturing companies. The TWI program is implemented successfully in service or administrative processes. It is especially crucial for companies in which there is knowledge and expert skills, and therefore where an effective process of knowledge transfer is an important issue.

The e-TWI System supports the standardization of the following processes:

  • productive (directly productive operations, TPM, SMED, 5S etc.)
  • service,
  • administrative,
  • office.

The e-TWI System in its basic version is offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. SaaS is a service which provides online and secure software via the Internet. In the SaaS model, the application itself is not available (a full application on a user computer has not been launched), but interaction with it via a Web browser interface over the Internet is possible.

The application itself is hosted on the provider’s server and access to it is encrypted by SSL. Thanks to the SaaS model, all improvements that will constantly arise in the LeanTrix system will automatically appear in the accounts of companies using this system. Moreover, due to the SaaS model, the LeanTrix system will be able to immediately be set up in your company without the need to purchase servers or software, and also without the tedious process of its implementation.

The e-TWI System establishes two main groups of users: TWI Trainers and TWI Instructors. In a company, the following groups of people can be TWI Trainers: Lean specialists, managers, masters and experienced leaders. The LeanTrix system supports TWI Trainers by giving them a number of tips on how to lead TWI Instructors during the process of acquisition of competences in the TWI program. The system will provide the Train-the-Trainers program for TWI Trainers.

TWI instructors are usually masters, leaders and experienced workers who deal with processes the most. They are supported in the LeanTrix system by:

  • access to a database of instructive and training videos and also substantive guidelines
  • a module of creating Standardized Work Instructions and a module of kaizen working method improvements
  • a panel which enables communication with TWI Trainers.

In the e-TWI System, a TWI Trainer is also a TWI Instructor. However, he has additional functions which support him in managing the development of other TWI Instructors. In order to become a TWI Trainer, it is necessary to first be a TWI Instructor and complete the Train-the-Trainers program. In practice, to every TWI Trainer there are a dozen TWI Instructors.

The e-TWI System also establishes 3 ancillary groups of users:

  • A data administrator – a representative of a company that manages payments, enters the data of TWI Trainers and TWI Instructors to the system, creates the form of Standardized Work Instructions and also chooses the verifiers of instructions.
  • Verifiers – people assigned from the departments of quality, methods, Health and Safety etc. These people verify the developed Standardized Work Instructions.
  • IPS Creators – a group of users in the basic package, in which only a module to create Standardized Work Instructions is activated in the system. This is the basic version without involving TWI Trainers and TWI Instructors.

A key aspect in the implementation of standardization of work according to the TWI program is the management of peoples’ competences who are involved in the process. Competences should be seen as a combination of three major components: knowledge, skills and responsibility. In the e-TWI System, TWI Trainers are responsible for the development of competences of those applying for the license of a TWI Instructor. They run a practical workshop (build up knowledge) and support employees in the practice of the program. TWI Trainers license employees to become TWI Instructors.

„The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.”

John Davison Rockefeller

In the e-TWI System, the development of employee competences within the TWI program consists of 4 stages:

Stage 1. Certificate of completion of training – gaining knowledge and theory basics from training carried out by a TWI Trainer or an external training company, or by watching an instructional video in the LeanTrix system. A TWI Trainer in the system has access to Train-the-Trainers materials, which support him in conducting effective training.

Stage 2. Practice – training of skills under the supervision of a TWI Trainer. In this stage, a purpose is determined for each employee, for example: execution of 3 Standardized Work Instructions and also one operation of kaizen improvement analysis. In this stage, a TWI Instructor candidate is in constant contact with a TWI Trainer through the LeanTrix system.

Step 3. Obtaining a license – this stage means that the person has acquired a TWI Instructor license. This license is also associated with a responsibility for training people. In order to pass this stage it is necessary to train, at least twice, another employee in actual working conditions. This is done under the supervision of a TWI Trainer, who uses an audit form designed in the system.

Step 4. Train-the-Trainers course – this is not a mandatory stage. It applies to people who apply for the status of TWI Trainer. This stage is associated with the responsibility for other people and not only for own work. There is an instructional video for TWI Trainers in the LeanTrix system, and thanks to this they can be trained to individually guide a practical workshop on standardization of work.

The most common problem with the implementation of the TWI program in companies is skipping from Stage 1 to Stage 3 of competence development and omitting the practice stage (stage 2). It often ends with aversion of employees and the gradual cessation of the implementation of the TWI program. The practice stage is crucial in building employee awareness. This stage is strongly emphasized in the e-TWI System.

The e-TWI System aids the implementation of standardization of work according to the TWI program. At the same time it provides the 4 key modules which are necessary for the maintenance of this process in a company:

  1. A module to create Standardized Work Instructions, in which each person (even without computer literacy) will be able to develop correct Standardized Work Instructions for the first time. 41 rules of creating instructions, built into the module, will be helpful for that purpose.
  2. A module to improve kaizen working methods where on previously prepared Standardized Work Instructions, the 5W1H approach will be applied. As a result, a form called the Poka Yoke Sheet Generator (PYGS) can be automatically generated.
  3. A module to prepare for on-the-job training in accordance with the TWI program of Instructing Employees. The module provides guidelines for TWI Instructors and also training videos which remind them of the method.
  4. A module which supports the transfer of information and verification of Standardized Work Instructions by the following departments: Quality, Methods, Health and Safety etc.

In the e-TWI System, a TWI Trainer panel is enriched with an additional module when compared to a TWI Instructor panel. Each panel has a completely different purpose:

  • The TWI Trainer panel has a module which contains guidelines supporting the effective management of the process of the development of TWI Instructor competences. In addition, the TWI Trainer panel contains all the other functionalities of the TWI Instructor panel.
  • The TWI Instructor panel – in which the path of competence development within the TWI program is built for each employee included in the program. In the panel, selected employees will develop their competences from the stage of acquiring theoretical knowledge to the stage of obtaining a TWI Instructor license, or in some cases a TWI Trainer license.

If a company decides that the chosen TWI Instructor will be trained to become a TWI Trainer, then the additional module in the panel is activated after completing the Train-the-Trainer course.

Stage 1 The defined standard of TWI training which can be lead by a TWI Trainer Basic knowledge about the TWI program and an instructional video that will introduce a person to the program
Stage 2 Guidelines on how to support practice and a module to communicate with a TWI Instructor An available module of creating Standardized Work Instructions and a module of improvement
Stage 3 Audit questions supporting a TWI Trainer in supervising on-the-job training Instructional videos aiding preparation for on-the-job training in accordance with the TWI Instructing Employees method
Stage 4 The defined standard that enables a TWI Instructor to be trained to become a TWI Trainer Instructional Train-The-Trainers video on how to become a TWI Trainer
Objective Management of the development of TWI Instructors by a TWI Trainer Individual development of a TWI Instructor

„A future goal is the basis of all achievements, both small and large. Even a strong man can be defeated by a child who is heading towards his goal.”

Napoleon Hill

In the e-TWI System payment will be taken for the purchased licenses of TWI Trainers and TWI Instructors. The monthly cost of using the e-TWI System is not high compared to the benefits that come from it.
What is more, a basic package will be available in the LeanTrix system and it only gives access to the module of creating Standardized Work Instructions.

Problems in companies

How the e-TWI System eliminates these problems

All practical knowledge about work (facilitations, tricks) is only in the minds of experienced employees

In the e-TWI System the following TWI Instructors are responsible for the creation of Standardized Work Instructions: operational staff and mainly leaders and experienced operators. They possess the most knowledge regarding the work. They know the tricks and facilitations. The module of creating instructions, developed in the LeanTrix system, supports experienced employees by presenting the 41 rules of writing instructions. These rules make the person responsible for creating instructions to try to pay attention to, among other things, tricks at work.

There is a high turnover of employees and there are employees hired temporarily

The TWI Instructing Employees method is the most effective way of transferring knowledge. It contains the most effective ways of transferring knowledge according to the learning curve.


The TWI method of Instructing Employees works, among other ways, in training easy operations. The LeanTrix system will guide your employees so that they will understand how to use this method correctly and effectively. This is a skill.

It requires practice. Thanks to the audits in stage 3 of the process of competence development in the LeanTrix system, your employees will become licensed TWI Instructors. Due to the effective process of on-the-job trainings, the turnover of employees will no longer be a big problem in your company.

Each instructor trains according to their own preference

The TWI method of Instructing Employees is the most effective and repeatable way of on-the-job training. The LeanTrix system will prepare leaders and experienced employees in your company to know how to use this method in practice. Everyone in your company will train according to one best method. The TWI Sensei will maintain this process through audits of TWI Instructors.

On-the-job training takes a long time, but despite this it is still inefficient

On-the-job training in accordance with the TWI method of Instructing Employees is in practice twice as short as the one carried out traditionally. This is the case when the instructor 100% follows the TWI method of Instructing Employees. Thanks to the guidelines and training videos in the LeanTrix system, each instructor will be able to prepare for on-the-job training and run the training according to the TWI method of Instructing Employees.

Work instructions are very descriptive and difficult to understand

The e-TWI System will automatically inform a TWI Instructor when the recommended number of words, during the creation of Standardized Work Instructions, is exceeded. In addition, the system supports people creating instructions by informing them on how to take photographs for instructions so that they show the essence of work: key points and not main steps. This enables instructions to be short and images to be of large merit value.

A newly trained employee does not work consciously – he does not know why he works in a certain way

In Standardized Work Instructions, the reasons for key points should constitute 60% of the entire text. Reasons teach people consciousness. It will be much easier for employees to accept a fixed way of working if they will earlier find out why this way is the best. In practice, experienced employees do not write down reasons because they often do not know them.


The e-TWI System will force the person creating instructions to write the reasons for key points as precisely as possible. The system will make sure that an employee will not determine a reason as “such a standard” or “correctness of execution”. The key is to write down a reason that will inform a participant about the actual consequences. It effectively affects the building up of awareness.

The preparation of instructions takes a long time and still no one uses them

The module of creating instructions in the e-TWI System enables instructions to be prepared in an average of 80% less time than in the programs of MS Office. The average time saved in preparing one instruction is about 40 minutes. Moreover, the e-TWI System comprehensively supports standardization of work according to the TWI program. This is associated with the fact that the most important goal of any instructions should be the possibility of its usage for on-the-job training or improvement. The instructions themselves are only pieces of paper. Practicing creating instructions in the e-TWI System takes place during stage 2 where candidates for TWI instructors must prepare a certain number of instructions according to the indications of a TWI Trainer. Stage 3 involves gaining skills in how to use instructions in on-the-job training. The LeanTrix system will individually support each employee so he will learn how to use instructions. In the LeanTrix system, instructions in your workplace will be alive!

Instructions do not reflect the actual way of working

In most companies, work instructions are prepared by technical departments. These instructions are correct with regards to processes (methods of work), but they do not reflect the actual ways of executing work. In the LeanTrix system, Standardized Work Instructions are made by the people who actually perform the work. The role of the technical departments is reduced to the verification of these instructions and their possible acceptance.

Employees cannot carry out analysis of improvement (kaizen) in their area of work

The e-TWI System simplifies the process of improvement. On the basis of any Standardized Work Instruction, a Poka Yoke Sheet Generator (PYGS) can be generated. A PYGS is a tool developed by our company, which enables the division of work from the TWI IP method to be combined with the 5W1H approach. A PYGS, due to the fact that it is focused on eliminating or facilitating key points, becomes a generator of Poka Yoke solutions.

In a process there is a large number of corrections and quality errors

Errors and corrections are usually the result of human errors. It is important to prevent these errors. For this purpose, the following root causes of human errors should be eliminated:

  • Lack of or poor employee training
  • Failure to follow work standards because of their bad design
  • Lack of a supervising process and auditing of employees after on-the-job training

The e-TWI System supports the elimination of the root causes by: developing training skills among TWI Instructors, offering a module of kaizen improvement and also auditing of on-the-job trainings.

Implementation of various methods and tools of Lean Management requires the involvement of external consultants

The e-TWI System plays the role of an external consultant. At first it develops TWI Trainers in a company and then leads them through the process of developing TWI Instructors. We believe, that thanks to the e-TWI System, it will be possible to implement standardization of work according to the TWI program in any company in the world!

There are more than 25 instructional videos in the e-TWI System which will develop your TWI Instructors and TWI Trainers at every stage of acquiring knowledge.
The following sample instructional video is presented: Introduction to the documentation of processes and the creation of work instructions. It is video No 2 out of a series of 8 instructional videos for TWI Instructor candidates who are acquiring theoretical knowledge in stage 1 – Basic knowledge of the TWI program.

The e-TWI System launch is planned for Q3, 2021

If you wish to participate in testing of the e-TWI System, sign up using the form.
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